Our Manifesto

The media industry today, is also
experiencing many rapid changes in the
technology used in delivering commercial
messages. It is a fast paced and exciting
place to be.

At Primedia International Limited, established
in 2002, we are always ahead of the game,
quickly adapting to and making the most
effective use of the latest technologies to
deliver the maximum impact for our clients.
We embrace change.

Our longstanding networks with the various
media houses, from the oldest to the newest,
be they television, radio, print, or otherwise,
give us a critical edge when negotiating for
the best airtime and rates for our clients.

To all of us at Primedia International Limited,
media brokerage services is the act of
delivering the optimal mix of client/product
exposure while maintaining outstanding value
from our client’s hard won budget.

Our Strengths

  • Franchise Owner/ Media Agent of the NTA.

  • Competitive Discounts: We are offering
    the best value for your money in all our
    activities and our media rates are
    unbeatable on the conventional and the
    digital platforms.

  • We apply our critical thinking to
    understand its value and then pass on that
    value to our clients through our
    professional media implementation,
    monitoring and evaluation skills.

Our Vision

To become the preferred indigenous media
agency in Africa

Our Mission

To cultivate a productive relationship with
our agencies by fulfilling our obligation to
provide solutions that build brand equity &
Desire for excellence service.
Ensure quality in providing service. Build trust and confidence.

Our Offering

  • Primedia Properties

  • Period/State

  • Remarks

  • Media Brockerage Services

  • Our media brokerage services across all platforms (conventional media) adds an unmatchable value to our clients.

  • We are NTA Franchised agency and can deliver higher discounts on NTA Network and NTA local stations.

  • Event Coverage

  • As per brief

  • As per brief

  • As per brief

  • Media planning and buying across all platforms including digital and social media.

  • As NTA Franchised agency, we deliver higher discounts subject to volume.

  • Based on agency/brand brief.

Some Fine Clients We’ve Worked With